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Baldi 39;s Basics Hide And Seek Download __LINK__

Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered is a survival horror stealth game that parodies cheap 90's edutainment and never takes itself too seriously. Explore Baldi's schoolhouse and try to find all 7 notebooks, but don't get caught by Baldi! He wants to play hide-and-seek, but something... Isn't right. Luckily you have a slew of items you can find and use to your advantage, but Baldi also has friends who can cause problems for you if you're not careful. And remember, Baldi hears every noise you make, so do what you can to stay quiet!

baldi 39;s basics hide and seek download

Download File:

SWA remove 3 am achievement cuz im not playing bbtud at 3 am and replace that to: Gotcha! Achievement so the requiement is during in hide and seek. If you have a luck.You will get seeker mode touch baldi during seeker and in pc or android and the rarity gonna be epic

It was this morning, I wake up and I wanted to play more of Baldi's Basics Plus, I opened up my Laptop, I played on Hide-and-seek mode, later It showed me up a seed named -666, I played Floor 1-3, after beating floor 3, The elevator was startled to be everything broken, the Numbers were up crazy and getting changed except the seed number, after, the elevator was repaired, There was a floor called Floor 666, I Entred that level, Baldi was kind invisivle, in that floor I had to collect 666 notebooks, andon reality, my bedroon, was kind of flashing, and got changed to dark, I touched the button to turn light, but no, it didn't work, My bedroom's door was locked with the window, It was night because the game changed the time, I continued my experience on the game, There was silent music, I collected a notebook, 10 seconds later, there was a demonic Baldi voice, Instead of a ruler he had a knife, he slapped with the knife so fast, He had his face from Baldi's Super EXTRA Scary Basics, I runned so fast but I couldn't get all 666 Notebooks, I had a Jumpscare from Baldi, and later a Piracy screen with BadSum Bloody eyes, There was a broken chalkboard behind him, the piracy screen said: WARNING: THIS IS A PIRATED VERSION OF BALDI'S BASICS PLUS, PLEASE UNINSTALL BALDI'S BASICS PLUS, YOU PROBABLY PIRATED THIS GAME, PLEASE, CONTACT MYSTMAN12 THAT CAN FIX THIS, Press any button to continue, I was sent to the tittle screen, there was no music, Baldi wasn't there, Instead of Baldi's BASICS Plus said: please, read this, On the chalkboard said: There is a new version of the game, Please Close and Uninstall this game and download its actual version!, The actual version of the game is 0.3.7, I uninstalled BB+ 0.3.7, I did go to the, Gamejolt and Steam page to download that update, that update was called 6.6.6, I played the game and the warning screen said: WARNING: THIS IS AN 18+ HORROR GAME THAT IS NOT FOR PEOPLE UNDER 18, IT CONTAINS BLOOD, STRONG LANGUE, VIOLENCE, ETC., PLEASE DON'T PLAY THIS GAME IF YOU'RE 17 OR UNDER!, PLEASE PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE., So, the Clipboard Screen, there was a floating clipboard, I clicked my BB+ Username, I played the game, There was a lot of blood I played the game for a bit, and when I beated up the game, my Computer was shut down and there was a demonic voice that said PLEASE STOP FUCKING PLAYING BALDI RIGHT FUCKING NOW!, PLEASE COME DOWNSTAIRS!, I did go downstairs, I used my flashlights, to look where is that guy who said that, I said: Where are you?, and that guy said: I'M IN THE KITCHEN!, I did go to the kitchen, And noobody was there, later I returned to my room and that guy was the person who annoyed me downstairs, He killed me, but I revived on my bed, but I scaped him, and...


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