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Charles Foster
Charles Foster

Robozou English V1.6 Save PORTABLE

In order to add maps support for classic save files. The file you want to download has been renamed or is missing, or the file is too large for us to handle it within our servers. In these cases, you can save it to your computer and then install it.

Robozou English V1.6 Save

Download Zip:

Avatar copied me. For a while. Thank you. I love this game! If you just finished the game already, then save if you don't want to lose your stuff. *: This fix should have been done way earlier. *: - You can make the ending at your option as the German edition has different endings. *: I need some more hands on testing and feedbacks to make this save...

I'm sorry but I can't do any edit to the english version because they don't like it on the english version... And it's very hard work to fix the problems of the english version since no one is updating to the english version... The only thing I can do is to make a new version... (I need to learn english to do it. And it's very hard to fix...). Anyways, if you want the fix, you can do it now. I'm sorry for those who take a long time for the fix. But I can't do it alone. So please be patient and help me out. Thanks in advance.

I'm sorry guys. I can do so much more on the english version... But I just can't do it. And I can't find any one who update the english version. I'm really doing my best on the english version as I can. But I'm just not efficient. I can do so much more if I get help. I'm sorry. But that's the conditions.

I'm sorry I just can't do any work on the english version. And that's one of the condition of being certified as english sub it. So I can't do anything on it. I'm sorry, but I'll try to make a new version as soon as possible. I'm so sorry again.


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