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Combat Mission Fortress Italy Skidrowl

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Combat Mission Fortress Italy Skidrowl

Interesting JC... I think that the commander should always be on the lookout for this type of dissimilar match-up. It can be an uncommon situation that gives you an advantage like you found in your scenario, and one needs to jump on them whenever presented, inflict maximum punishment while not becoming embroiled into a fight where the tables can be turned, (if an infantry unit was able to enfilade your mortar position it would be lights out for you) then do it all over again. I have not read Leonhard's book, is he referring to these two phases of tactical combat regardless of the mission being performed? I am not so sure I would break a tactical fight down into phases of that description, though maybe I don't have the full picture? Or maybe its the term phase which is throwing me.. "phases" sounds like the two phases as described should be subsequent (Defensive first followed by Dislocation), when in reality combat is rarely so well organized.


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