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Charles Foster
Charles Foster

Dead Zone (2022) Subtitles

Francis: Dead zones of low oxygen-water kill crabs, fishes and other marine life. And the recent annual occurrence of dead zones in the nearshore points to dramatic changes in our ocean environment.

Dead Zone (2022) Subtitles

But since 2002, hypoxia has occurred here each summer, to varying degrees. How does a dead zone form? Each spring, our coast is dominated by winds that blow from the north to the south. This wind is the engine behind ocean currents that move cold water up from the deep ocean to the coast.

The phytoplankton eventually sink toward the seafloor where they decompose using up oxygen in a layer of water that has less oxygen to begin with. This combination can give us dead zones that can envelope much of the coastal ocean.

This underwater video footage, taken by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife using a robotic submersible shows a healthy reef near Cape Perpetua. Under normal conditions, these nearshore waters are home to a productive ecosystem of fish, invertebrates and plants Followed by ROV footage of hypoxic reef: This footage was taken at the same reef during a hypoxic event. There are no fishes on the reef because they have moved away to find oxygen. The slower moving animals cannot leave and suffocate: the dead zone leaves a changed ecosystem behind. 041b061a72


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