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Charles Foster
Charles Foster

Mature Man Blog

This is a late and somewhat experimental addition to the site and basically - somewhere for me to either let go some thoughts on things in general - and even maybe sometimes, actually blow off steam to get something off my chest!! There isn't a comment section set up as yet and not sure whether we'll do that but, anyone who takes issue with a blog subject and feels the need to respond then send me an email - preferably with polite comments please.

mature man blog

Why bother with a blog anyways? Well, sometimes the mood takes hold whereby something needs said, even if simply for one's own satisfaction! I have no idea about the leanings of my viewership with regard to politics, faith, and just general attitudes to life - and so there is every possibility I might add something that is contentious and cuts across some folk's thinking. I'll make no apology, hoping that any readers accept that what is written is strictly one man's ideas and thoughts. Personally I have no great use for social media - I guess I don't feel I have the combination of time and patience to deal with it - and so this gives somewhere to add general musings.

If anyone has something in particular of interest and a picture or two, we can always add a ''visitor'' item - simply email with the subject matter and any images (2 max). Ideally due to the nature of the channel's main interest, make it something relevant to machining, fabrication etc - perhaps a real nice picture of a completed project. In fact, if also you discover a YouTube video of special interest that too could be featured - either it could go into our miscellaneous section but if it also includes some text then the blog may well suit.

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